Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Portrait Packaging & Forum Challenges

Normally when I do photo shoots my price is based on where I am shooting & how many locations. Generally I do sell the photo rights which means you receive a CD with the images and my client can print at their expense and leisure. So this being said I normally don't do much printing. On occasion I have clients who would rather order through me or if it's for a friend than I may print and give as a gift. I have struggled for some time on how to make the packaging look attractive. Thanks to Pinterest I have been seeing a ton of really cool ways to package & wrap and thought I would put my nifty files to creative use.

So you remember that Maternity Shoot? Well here is what I came up with for packaging for it and may continue to pack all my photo orders this way:

It's super simple ! I took my Scallopped punches and created paper flowers that I hot glued to the ribbon. Again super simple but thought it had a nice effect.Link

This week has also been my turn at the "For The Luv Of Art" forum to head up the challenges.
Would luv it if you came over and joined us. We are a friendly group of gals who love new faces & it's never too late to jump in and do any of these challenges !
8/29 Rolled Pattern Paper

8/30 An Envelope in Your Design

8/31 Out Of Focus Photo

Hope that you will join in on the FUN !
Have a Blessed Day, Norma


ainelivia said...

Hi Norma, i came to your blog searching for the templates that you designed for Simply Handmade Jan/Feb 2010, yes i know it's a long time, i have just been given a copy of the magazine. i went to their website to search for the template, however it seems to no longer be there, which is really disappointing, so i wondered if you might be able to tell me where i could locate the template. i'd really appreciate it as i've gotten together most of the bits for the address book and it's a gift for a friend's birthday. i'd really appreciate your help, but if it's lost in the mists of time then... well. many thanks Carol Ann aka Ainelivia

Andrea Amu said...

Wow! Such beautiful packaging! I know your clients will love the extra details and personaliztion added to their treasured photographs!

And you challenges are fabulous, as are your stunning examples! I enjoyed them all over in the galleries!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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